chapter 59


The Assyrians were a cruel and warlike people who were used by God to punish his people and the surrounding nations who practiced idolatry.

The Assyrians were especially cruel in their tactics and methods of conquest.

Most Assyrian kings had a policy to transport the people from defeated kingdoms into other territories. They also enslaved them, killed them in great numbers, tortured humans as a means of entertainment, they praised false gods and they shed innocent blood.

It is interesting to note that the Bible refers to the Assyrians as a cruel ,warring people, that did horrible atrocities, to their enemies to break there will to resist , and rarely married outside their race.

Doesn’t this sound an amazingly accurate description of the Aryan mentality of Germany in World War  ? ? ? ? ! ! !

Noticing the similarity between the words Assyrian and Aryan and knowing this description of the Assyrians, isn’t it plain to see that Germany is descended from Assyria, especially when you consider Germany, in modern times, has continued this warring mentality, by starting WWI and WWII ?

History certainly does repeat itself. As the Germans enslaved the Jews and committed horrible atrocities against them in the concentration camps of World War II , and practiced marrying only of their own ethnic origin to the point of exterminating others, the Assyrians did also .

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