chapter 59a


According to its inhabitants , Germany’s oldest city , Trier , was founded by the Assyrians in 2000 BC . Josef K.L. Bihl wrote in his German textbook ,

“ In Deutsche Landen “ , states , “ Trier was founded by Trebeta , a son of the famous Assyrian King , Ninus . In fact , one finds… in Trier the inscription reading , “ Trier existed for 1,300 years before Rome was rebuilt “ .

To this day this story is Used to attract tourists to Trier !

According to Greek historians the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh was built by Ninus , hence the name Nineveh . The biblical account tells US that the Builder of Nineveh was Assher , the son of Shem , who became the progenitor of the Assyrians ( Genesis 10:11) – is simply the Greek name for the Assher .
The original Ninus was Nimrod , grandson of Ham of the black race .

Asshur , son of Shem was white , also took the name Ninus .

He is the Ninus II of ancient historic record who founded Nineveh . Ancient German records such as the , “ Bayer-ische Chronic  “ , the official history of Bavaria written by Johannes Turmair of Abensberg in the 1500’s reveal that some of Asher’s descendants settled in Europe from Mesopotamia soon after the flood , however the great majority of the German people did not migrate until a much later time , when the Assyrian Empire collapsed in the 7th century BC .

According to the first century Greek geographer , Strabo , calling the Assyrians , “ White Syrians “ , their fair complexion making them stand out from the other people in the Middle East . During the decline of the Assyrians power , invading warriors from Central Asia forced them to settle the southern shores of the Black Sea . A Greek historian , living in the first century BC , named , Diadorus Siculus documented this in his work , “ The Library of History “ ,

which stated ,“ many of the conquered peoples were removed to other homes and two of these became very great colonies , the one was composed of Assyrians and was removed to the land between Paphlagonia and Pontus “ .

Both of these cities border the Southern Shores of the Black Sea .

The land between them was called Cappadocia , by another Greek historian of the fifth century names Herodotus . He confirms the existence of it’s Assyrian occupants in his work titled , “ The Histories “ stating , “ the Cappadocians are known to the Greeks by the name Syrians …. this people whom the Greeks call Syrians are called Assyrians by the barbarians “ . By the 5th Century BC the Assyrians were so dominant in the Black Sea area that Greek geographers actually called the region, Assyria .

In 480 BC Herodotus records the Assyrians fighting for the Persian King Xerxes , against the Greeks . Archaeological data reveals that shortly after Xerxes disastrous campaign , a great migration of the Assyrian people occurred to the seas northern shores called Scythia . To Greek and Roman authors Scythia was the land beyond the Civilized World , of nomadic , mounted , elite warrior tribes of two racial types , Caucasoids and Mongoloids .

The composition of this area’s population was open to change , due to migrations caused by population displacement that resulted from the collapse of various Middle and near East empires and kingdoms .

Archaeology , especially in the fifth century BC , shows 5 major phases in this area . Herodotus confirms the latest phase of nomadic settlement by saying ,

“ the Scythians say their nation is the youngest of all nations “ .

It is clear that the Germanic people comprised at least in part this phase of Scythian migration .   We can know this Because Roman records show the Germanic people first began invading Central and Western Europe in the late 2nd  century BC soon after their northern move . Archaeology confirms the Scythians migrating all the way into Germany proper . Mike Edwards in National Geographic June 2003 wrote , “ Nomads and fierce warriors that lived in Central Asia….. and their culture spread westward to southern Russia and Ukraine and even into Germany “ .

This German migration would have been the result of pressure from the newest migrants in to Scythia , the Sarmatians . The dislocation of such large populations took several hundred years . So the first tribes appeared in Roman records during the late 2nd  century BC . It would take another several hundred years for the bulk of the Germanic people to finally reached the end of their long migration .

In 550 BC , Roman historian , Periplus wrote , “ The coast of the Black Sea …

is called Assyria “ . (History of Art in Sardinia, Judea, Syria, and Asia Minor, Vol. II, Perrot and Chipiez)

The first 1st  AD , Roman historian , Tacitus wrote in his history of the Germans , “ Germania “ , “ All Germania is divided from Gaul, Raetia and Pannonia by the Rhine and Danube rivers ; from the Sarmatians and the Dacians by shared fear and mountains “ .

Archaeology , early Greek historians and geographers and Roman records of other migrations , caused by the Germanic migration out of the Black Sea region , lead to subsequent invasion of the Roman Empire .
When these peoples encountered the Romans , they were given a new name .
Roman historian , Pliny the Elder , a contemporary of Strabo , explained what happened to the Assyrian people who migrated through these crossroads , in his work , “ The Natural History “, “ The name ‘ Scythian ‘ has extended in every direction even to the Sarmat and the Germans ; but this ancient appellation is now only given to those who dwell beyond those nations , and live unknown to nearly all of the rest of the world “ .

The 1st century Jewish historian , Josephus wrote this of the Germanic tribe called the Alans , “ [T]here was a nation of the Alans which we have formally mentioned somewhere as being Scythians and inhabiting at the lake Meotis , ( Josephus , Wars of the Jews) . The Alans lived off Lake Meotis , which is the ancient name for the Sea of Azof , that is linked by a narrow strait , to the northeast of the Black Sea .

As different Scythian people became known through warfare and trade , the Greeks and Romans gave them new names .
This occurred to the Germanic tribes during the 2nd and 1st centuries when Roman generals called fierce tribes they battled , ‘ Germani ‘ , meaning ,

“ war man “ or “  warrior “  , which is exactly what they continued to be in modern history !

So the Assyrians became known as Scythians from where they temporarily inhabited , then sometimes Alans , then Germani for being fierce warriors .

So the same tribes that Greek historian Herodotus of the 5th Century BC called Scythians , Pliny , Tacitus and Strabo of the 1st century AD called Germans !

Tacitus wrote of one Germanic tribe , the Quadi , dwelling along the Danube River in Germany !
Strabo described German people living farther south east , with one Germanic tribe , the Bastarnians as far east as the Dnieper River (Germany), a major river that drains into the Black Sea .

Before German nationalism was introduced into academia and the biblical record was rejected , German scholars knew exactly from where the Germanic people     migrated .

A classical dictionary of biography mythology and geography called , “ Germania “  stated , “  there can be no doubt that they , ( Germany’s ancestors) migrated into Europe from the Caucasus mountains (Caucasian) and the countries around the Black and Caspian Seas “ .
From the Danube and the Black Sea , Germanic tribes once occupied land all the way north to the Baltic Sea and West to the Rhine River , Germany !

So when the Germanic people were invading the Roman Empire they were attacking not just from the north but from the East as well !

Jerome , the writer who gave US the Vulgate translation of the Bible , as an eyewitness to these invasions in the mid 4th Century AD wrote , “ Savage tribes in countless numbers have overrun all parts of Gaul .

The whole country between the Alps and the Pyrenees between the Rhine and the ocean has been laid waste by hordes of ; Quadi , Vandals , Sarmatians , Alans , Gepids , Hurules ,  Saxons , Burgundians, Allemanni and even Pannonians “ . Remarkably in this same letter Jerome wrote , “ Assur also is joined with them “ .

Based on all the similarities of the people and the history quoted , that were available to scholars at the time , it becomes clear that Jerome was calling them actual Assyrians . Assur is another Biblical name for Asshur , as any Bible concordance will show .
In conclusion , the Germans themselves say so in their ancient history ,

a Roman scholar wrote that the Germans were Assyrians , the Black Sea shores are the same area where the historians and scholars from before the 1900’s , said the German people migrated from , are shown to have had a sizeable population , on both sides , by Roman AND Greek historians !

The Germans and Assyrians share the same physical features , the same savage warlike tendencies and even certain characteristics in art .

On top of all that , only one nation today could fulfill the Prophecies of the Bible that pertain to the Assyrians , and that is Germany !

Just as the Assyrians defeated and took ancient Israel into captivity for their sins they will do the same to Modern Israel , Great Britain and the United States .This Fountain of Truth opens up the grave meaning of large areas of prophecy as a powerful warning by Almighty God ! ! ! ! ! ! !




Through this migration, by the Assyrians, through what is now modern-day Europe , the people of Israel , in captivity , did not remain slaves in captivity , due to the number of them and the distance traveled. They continued on a little further on their own through Western Europe to the Scandinavian peninsula and the British Isles. Because Israel had lost is identifying Sabbath sign by observing Sunday as their Sabbath, they had been taken captive as slaves without a king and lost their native Hebrew language, as biblical prophecy said they would , by taking up the language of the Assyrians, and as the generations went by , their national identity was lost.
Several generations later the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh settled in the British Isles, calling themselves British, from the Hebrew words, “ Berith “, meaning covenant, and, “ish “, meaning man, or covenant man , or plainly broken down as , “agreement with Almighty God man “, which is exactly what they are.

So then is it any wonder at all that the King James Bible came from the British, and as this tiny island nation colonized the world circulated the Bible with it.
All of this history has been about the 10 tribed House of Israel, which did not keep the Sabbath. Judah, the Jews or modern Israel ,117 years after the 10 tribed Kingdom of Israel was taken captive as well by King Nebuchadnezzar , ruler of Babylon, between 604 and 585 BC, also Because of Sabbath breaking .  70 years after that captivity according to Jeremiah’s prophecy in Jeremiah 29:10 many of the Jews returned to Palestine to rebuild the Temple and restore PROPER worship there. So Because the 10 tribed Kingdom of Israel did not keep the Sabbath they lost their identity and became lost in history and Because Judah , the Jews or modern Israel returned to Sabbath keeping, the world has been lead to believe  they are the ONLY chosen people of Almighty God, even though the enormous blessings of Britain ruling the world and the United States even eclipse in her and wealth and prestige should be evidence that we were blessed by Almighty God as His chosen people .
So now that we have explored why the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel are not identifiable as chosen of Almighty God and why the Jews are, let’s look at some reasons why these lost tribes definitely should be recognized as identifiable as chosen of Almighty God.

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