chapter 64


JEROBOAMS RELIGION  A pagan system of 7 annual feasts counterfeited from Gods true holy days, the biggest of which occurred   in September or October. Spring &   Fall festivals were postponed 1st  month .   The snake and cow were key The snake and cow were key Worship often took place on a “high hill” or elevated location “high hill” or elevated location “groves” (clump of trees) or under a large tree. Worship occurred within a circle of stones, with a stone altar in  the center. Worship sometimes included human  sacrifice .  Religious worship included A well-organized priestly system, patterned after the Levitical priesthood.  The primary centers of worship   were in Ephraim(at Bethel) and   Dan. were in Ephraim(at Bethel) and   

 DRUIDIS Eight annual feasts, the main one, Samhain, occurs on November 1  (human sacrifice & origin of  Halloween). Celebrated for 7 days   Celebrated for 7 days as Gods holy day, The feast of Trumpets is,  holy day, The feast of Trumpets is, at the same time of the year The snake and cow were important Druidic symbo  Worship often took place o hilltops.

Worship took place in groves “groves” clump of trees) orunder a large tree. Worship included stone circles , (Stonehenge) & monuments Worship included human Sacrifice, especially on Samhain. Worship included witchcraft. witchcraft, divinations and enchantments.

Had a well developed religious organization that included Priests, poets, teachers and udges, exactly as Gods Levitical system had, that Jeroboam counterfeited.  England and Ireland were the center of Druidic worship.

As if all these exact parallels of these two religions were not enough to prove where The Lost Tribes of Israel migrated TO , the last point of , the biblical location/name , where Jeroboams religion was centered , PROVES the Identity of Ephraim being England and Dan being Ireland !!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of this religious corruption is why there was  …………………………….

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