chapter 65


Why is the book of Acts strangely silent about the 12 apostles after their departure from Palestine ?

We can read plainly of Paul’s travels through Cyprus , Asia Minor , Greece , Italy , but the movements of the original 12 apostles are cloaked in mystery . In fact doesn’t it also seems strange that most of the New Testament following the book of Acts was written by Paul and not Peter . Peter initiated the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles at the House of Cornelius , in Acts 10 & 11 , then he and the other apostles suddenly vanished from view , with only Peter and John to reappear for a fleeting moment in Jerusalem the inspired conference recorded in Acts 15 .

 After Acts 15 , we read only of Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles , in fact , Paul was specially commissioned to bear the gospel TO  the Gentiles  Christ when speaking to Ananias to tell him to go baptize Saul , who would be later named Paul , gave this assurance in Acts 9:15 , “ go thy way for he is a chosen vessel  unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles and Kings and the children of Israel “ .

In fact Paul himself said in Acts 18 : 6 , “ from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles “  . Christ would not have called Paul as a special apostle to carry the gospel to the Gentiles if the original 12 had been commissioned to do this .

So to whom and where were the apostles sent ? Christ answers the who in Matthew 10 verse 5 & 6 which states ,  “ go NOT into the way of the Gentiles ….. but go rather to the LOST sheep of the House of Israel “ !!!!!!! Christ himself established the priority of bringing the Gospel to the lost sheep of the House of Israel in Matthew 15:24 , where he says to a woman , to test her faith , seeking healing of her daughter ,  “I am NOT sent but unto the LOST SHEEP of the House of Israel “ .( he a short time later healed the woman’s daughter .)
So we have established the WHO , now to establish the where . The book of Acts records the history of the early New Testament church , but did you ever notice that the book of Acts ends in the middle of the story ?

Luke doesn’t finish the life of Paul after 2 years of imprisonment ended ?

The answer can be found in Christ’s threefold commission to Paul in Acts 28:31 which states ,  “ to bear his name before the Gentile’s and kings and the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL “ . Paul fulfilled the first part of the Commission by teaching to the Gentiles in Cypress , Asia Minor , Greece and Italy .

He fulfilled the second part of the commission through a two-year imprisonment at Rome that allowed him to appear before kings .

According to Roman law if no accuser appeared after 2 years , Paul would automatically have been released , yet Luke strangely breaks off the story of Paul’s life with no record of him completing the third part of his commission , to go to the lost children of Israel . The reason for this was Luke was not permitted by Christ to include the final journey of Paul’s life Because it would have revealed the whereabouts of the children of Israel that Almighty God wanted to ,

REMAIN LOST for a punishment of 2520 years ( the math of this is covered in detail later on in this website) . Now notice the introduction to the book of James which says , “ James , a servant of Almighty God and the Lord Christ ,


So by this we see that they are scattered somewhere across the ocean .

Did you ever notice that all of the Gospels except ACTS , James and III John end with ,  “ AMEN “ ? Even the Book of Revelation ends with , “ AMEN  “ .

This is a Hebrew word that signifies completion . These three missing Amens are a SPECIAL SIGN  that indicates Almighty God wants us to understand that certain knowledge was not to be made known to the world until now , when the gospel is being sent around the world as a final witness before the end of the age .   It is Almighty God’s plan that Israel should lose its identity and think itself Gentile .  If the book of James had ended with the ordinary salutation , the nations of Israel would have been disclosed , just as Paul often ends his letters with names of places and people like in Romans  Colossians , Hebrews for example . This is the very part missing purposely from James and why the short letter of III John was missing  , the “  AMEN “ !

John himself shed some light on this mystery in III John 1:13 , which states ,

“ I had many things to write but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee “ .      John was revealing in this letter a pagan conspiracy of a diabolical attempt by Simon MagUS and his false apostles to seize the name of Christ and gain control of the true Church and masquerade as Christianity . Almighty God did not permit John to make known in plain language the names of the leaders of that conspiracy and the CITY of their operation , that is why John cut his letter short .
From James 4:1 we learn that wars were being waged among the Lost Tribes of Israel , “ From whence come WARS and fighting’s among you ?

What wars were these ? No Wars existed among the Jews until the outbreak several years later in the revolt against the Romans .

THESE WARS POSITIVELY IDENTIFY THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE TEN LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL ! The world was temporarily at peace by the fear of the Roman military might . Just prior to a A.D. 60 , ONLY TWO AREAS of the world were torn by wars and civil fighting’s . WHEN you discover which areas these were you will have located where “ abroad “the LOST TEN TRIBES were living at the time . Wikipedia reveals that those locations are the British Isles and the Parthian Empire !
Early Greek historians fill in some missing pieces of the puzzle as well .

It stands to reason if multitudes of Greeks in southern Asia Minor were being converted to Christ by the Ministry of Paul and at the same time multitudes among the Lost TEN TRIBES of Israel were being converted in northern Asia Minor , shouldn’t those Greeks have left a record of which of the 12 apostles carried the Gospel there ? One reliable , valuable source of information is the Greek and Latin , “ Ecclesiaticae Historiae  “ by Nicephorus Callistus and in English , “ Antiquitates Apostolicae “ , by William Cave of which I quote with page numbers . The Greek historian , Metapirastes , reports ,  “ that Peter was not only in the Western parts but particularly that he was a long time in Britain where he converted many nations to the faith “ . ( page 45)
Two more Greek historians Nicephorus  and Dorotheus both wrote of Simon the Zealot , “ nor could the coldness of the climate benumb his zeal or hinder him from whipping himself and the Christian doctrine over to the Western Islands , yea , even to Britain itself , here he preached and wrought many miracles “. and ,… ” that he went at last into Britain and ….was crucified….. and buried there “ . ( page 203 ).
When the Assyrians were removed from their homeland to northern Asia minor , the House of Israel , in their captivity ,migrated with them .

Here’s some interesting descriptive confirmation from Greek geographer Strabo , who named the colonists in northern Asia Minor “white Syrians “ , instead of Assyrians . He did this Because there were two peoples ,

Assyrians and White Syrians , that were the tribes of Israel in captivity of the Assyrians .
As support that many of the House of Israel , fled the Assyrians in 721 BC from the western shores of Western Asia . Geoffrey of Monmouth writes ,

“ the Saxons went on to Gourmand , King of the Africans , in Ireland wherein , adventuring thither with A vast fleet , he had conquered the folk of the country . Thereupon , by the treachery of the Saxons , he sailed across with a hundred and sixty thousand Africans into Britain …..and laid waste , as has been said , well-nigh the whole island with his countless thousands of Africans “ these countless thousands we’re not Negroes or Arabs , they were whites, Nordics , who came from North Africa and Mauritania were Simon preached . These Nordics , declares the book , Universal History ,(1748-Vol. xviii, PG. 194) “ gave out that their ancestors were driven out of Asia by a powerful enemy, and pursued into Greece from whence they made their escape “ to North Africa , “ but this was to be understood only of the white nations inhabiting some parts of the Western Barbary and Numidia “ . What white nation was driven from the western shores of Western Asia other than the House of Israel by their powerful enemy the Assyrians !

An interesting connection is made by the Greek historian , Diadorus of Sicily , “ many conquered peoples were removed to other homes and two of these became very great colonies : the one was composed of Assyrians and was removed to the land between Paphlagonia and Pontus , and the other was drawn from Media and planted along the Tanais (the river Don in ancient Scythia-the modern Ukraine , north of the Black Sea in southern Russia)
Notice the areas from which these colonies came Assyria and Media , are the very areas to which the House of Israel was taken captive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd Kings 17 :6 states ,” the king of Assyria took Samaria ( where are the ten tribes of Israel WERE based) and carried Israel away into Assyria and placed them in Halah and in Habor by the river Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes”. After leaving the Assyrians and migrating they stayed in Mauritania , till the Anglo-Saxon invasion and then went to Britain in AD 449 .
As verifiable proof of this in , AD 598 , when the Bishop of Rome sent Augustine , to bring Catholicism to England he found the inhabitants were ALREADY professing Christians Because their ancestors had ALREADY heard the message from one of the 12 Apostles ! Britain after AD 449 , was settled by hundreds of thousands of new people not there when Peter preached there . History knows them as Angles and Saxons . They came originally from the shores of the Black Sea where the House of Israel dwelt !

In A.D. 256 , they began to migrate from northern Asia Minor along the shores of the Black Sea to the Cymbric Peninsula (Denmark) ( tribe of Dans mark) opposite Britain .

These were the people to whose ancestors Peter wrote his epistles .

Which of the 12 apostles preached to their ancestors the so-called white Syrians ?  On the shores of the Black Sea none other than Peters brother Andrew . The Greek philosopher-historian , Hippolytus , says Andrew preached to the Scythians .
ANOTHER Greek historian comments on this , “ in this division Andrew had Scythia and the neighboring countries primarily allotted him for his province. First then he travelled through Cappadocia ,(Upper) Galatia and Bithynia , and instructed them in the face of Christ passing all along the Euxine Sea “ .

( the old name for the Black Sea). Andrew was finally crucified upside down on an X shaped cross .Years later Emperor Constantine brought his bones to Scotland which is why Scotland’s flag has the X on it .

Just as Rome’s popes sent the bones of the other apostles to Britain this Roman Emperor sent this apostles bones to Scotland . It should be noted that Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland and his method of crucifixion on an X is why they have an X on their Flag .
Here is some discussion on the Apostle James . Spanish writers generally contend after the death of Stephan he came to these  , “ western parts and particularly into Spain (some writers add Britain and Ireland) where they say he planted Christianity “ .( page 148 of Caves work) . Why Spain ?  From ancient times Spain was the high road of migration from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the British Isles . The prophet Jeremiah passed through Spain on his way to Ireland with Zedekiah’s daughter , Tea Tephi (Jeremiah 41:10 & 43:6 ) . Even Paul says in Romans 15:28 , “ I will come by you into Spain “ . Clement of Rome , in his letter to the Corinthians , confirms Paul’s journey to the West . You may ask , did that include Britain ? Listen to the words of the Greek church historian , Theodoret , he writes , “That St. Paul brought salvation to the Isles that lie in the ocean “ . (book one on Psalm 116 page 180) .
In a book published in 1674 by William Camden entitled the ,

“ Remains of Britain “ on page 5 he writes ,  “The true Christian religion was planted here most anciently by Joseph of Arimathea , Simon Zealotes , Aristobulus , by St . Peter and St. Paul as may be proved by Dorotheus , Theodoretus , and Sophronius  “. ( all respected , reliable early Greek historians)
So now we even see Paul completed the third part of his commission in Britain . This is why today Britain owns the Straits of Gibraltar .

Eusebius , in his third book of , “ Evangelical Demonstrations “ ,chapter 7 , admitted that the Apostles “ passed over to those which are called the British Isles “ and again he writes , “ some of the apostles preached the Gospel in the British Isles  “.

Believe it or not the headquarters of Satan’s Great false Church , the Vatican sheds , some light on this as well ! Even though they have always claimed that Peter was the first pope it was in fact the false Peter , Simon , Peter Magus , that was the first pope . That is the reason the Vatican has been hesitant to claim they have found the Apostle Peters tomb under the Vatican , they know it is Simon Peter Magus . A false Peter for a false church ! In the year 656 Pope Vitalian decided the Catholic Church was not interested in the remains of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The Pope therefore ordered them sent to Oswy , King of Britain , here is a part of his letter to the British king , “ however we have ordered the blessed gifts of the holy martyrs , that is the relics of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and of the holy martyrs Laurentius , John and Paul and Gregory and Pancratius , to be delivered to the bearer of these our letters , to be by them delivered to you “ . This Pope , although disrespectfully referring to the bones of the Apostles as “  relics “ , knew were they belonged , where they had completed their commission given to them by Christ to preach the gospel to the lost sheep of Israel , Britain !  

A century and a half earlier Constantius of Lyons , took the relics of all the Apostles and martyrs from Gaul and buried them in a special tomb at Saint Albans in Britain . What would an unholy church want with something as holy as the bones of the original 12 apostles ?   It is very interesting and not coincidental that Almighty God’s College in Britain is also in St Albans !

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