chapter 67


The scripture continues , Upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it ,and to establish it with judgment and with justice from NOW EVEN FOREVER .The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this “ .

Jeremiah 33:17 confirms this , “ For thus says the lord ,  David shall NEVER LACK a man to sit on the throne of Israel . “

NEVER LACK, MEANING CONTINOUS ! Verse 20 -21 says , “ Thus saith the Lord ; If ye can break my covenant , of the day , and my covenant of the night , and there should not be day and night in there season ; Then may also my covenant be broken with David , my servant,


These state , that the throne of David, the greatest king of ancient Israel , shall be a CONTINOUS BLOODLINE , (“have a son”) “ NEVER LACKING “ , “ A SON TO REIGN “, from then , until Christ returns and then Christ will sit upon that very throne , “ whose right it is “ ! (Ezekiel 21:27)

I know it sounds incredible but things of Almighty God usually are .

The information is too exhaustive for me to give here, for a complete study of this go to www. Christevidence.org. For thousands of years the coronation chair of England has a stone set in the lower part of it that is Jacob’s Pillow/Pillar stone , Jacob’s stone , The Stone of Destiny . This is the same stone that Jacob , the father of Joseph , Used as a pillow at a place called Bet-El , or Bethel , where he had a dream or vision of a long ladder leading up to Heaven .       

This is the stone the Kings of Israel were sworn in on .

Notice iron rings Israel used to move stone !

This is the account of his dream in Genesis chapter 28 verse 10 thru 22 ;

“ A ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of Almighty God were ascending and descending on it and behold the Lord stood above it and said . “I am the Lord Almighty God of Abraham your father and the Almighty God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and your descendants also your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth ;you shall spread abroad to the west and the east to the north and the south and in you and in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed  .

Behold I am with you and will keep you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you “.

Obviously the ladder to heaven symbolizes the direct connection of blessings coming down from heaven to earth through this man and the rest of the scripture is in reference to , Jacob’s descendants, Britain and the United States , especially Britain ,being very populous and spreading all throughout the world, being very blessed, and, “ all the families of the earth shall be

blessed “, by the production of the King James Bible and its spreading, as Britain , “ spread abroad to the west and the east to the north and the south”.
Genesis 28:14 .

Furthermore it is at this place that Jacob returned years later , as Almighty God had prophesied , Almighty God said ; “ Thy name is Jacob thy name shall not be called any more Jacob but Israel and Almighty God said unto him I am Almighty God Almighty be fruitful and multiply a NATION and a COMPANY OF NATIONS shall be of thee and KINGS shall come out of thee “. Genesis 35 11- 12 .
There is biblical evidence to show that this Bethel stone was the inheritance of Joseph , for when Jacob or Israel was passing on his blessing to Joseph he said in Genesis 49:24 ; “ from thence is the shepherd, the STONE of Israel “.

It is very safe to assume that the stone was the rock that Almighty God , through Moses , supernaturally provided water for Israel as they were being led through the wilderness to the promised land . The symbolism being Almighty God kept them alive supernaturally as Gods Holy Spirit is the  living water .

Exodus 17 6 states ; “ Behold I (Almighty God)will stand before thee upon the rock in Horeb , and thou shalt smite the rock and there shall come water out of it , that the people may drink “. The phrase, “ there in Horeb “ , points out the place where the rock was at the time . If the Lord when He spoke of the rock had Used the demonstrative form , and said  “ that rock “ , then we should know that he was designating which one , or a certain one , NOT YET selected, but the fact he said ,“ THE rock “ , indicates to US that he was speaking of a important , specific rock with which they were ALREADY familiar .

So undoubtedly it was the Bethel Pillar Rock , the Shepherd , the Stone of Israel . This was confirmed a second time , when Almighty God Used Moses to provide water from the stone in numbers 20 4 & 5, Almighty God said; “ Take the rod and gather thou the assembly together , thou and Aaron thy brother , and speak ye unto the rock , before their eyes ; and it shall give forth his water and thou shalt bring forth to them water out of the rock so thou shalt give the congregation and their beasts drink “. Once again there is not the slightest indication that there was any searching or selection for any certain rock in the vicinity , and yet when the people were commanded to  “ gather before the rock “ , they clearly understood which rock it was to be !

This stone of Israel not only provided water for them in the wilderness but provided a coronation pillarstone for their kings . As Joash was brought forth to be the successor to David 2 kings 11-13 states ; “ and when Athaliah heard the noise of the guard and of the people she came to the people into the Temple of the Lord and when she looked , behold the King stood by THE PILLAR , as the manner was “. Clearly this  “ pillar “ stone was “ the manner ”  in which their kings were crowned !

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