chapter 70


Thankfully , evidently this fact was unknown to Nebuchadnezzar who thought that in slaying all the male heir to the throne, it had been destroyed forever . The Kings daughters, in the company of Jeremiah did escape with a

“ REMNANT “ , (Isaiah 10:20) , of Judah to the land of Egypt.

The daughter that was to carry on the bloodline name was Tea Tephi. Jeremiah with the daughters found sanctuary in Tahpanhes, Egypt,(Jer.43:6-7).

It is interesting to note in the blockbuster movie Raiders of the Lost Ark they started looking for the ark in Tanis, which is the modern pronunciation of this city in Egypt . Jeremiah15:11 states , Almighty God speaking to Jeremiah;

“ verily it shall be well with thy remnant; verily I will cause the enemy to entreat thee well in the time of evil and in the time of affliction “ .

This “ time of evil affliction “ was the punishment of Israel, by Almighty God, for her Sabbath breaking and idolatry . After Jeremiah’s party arrived in Egypt ,the Pharaoh adopted Zedekiah daughters as his own daughters and gave them a palace at Tahpanhes that is still called today ; “ Quasar bint el Jehudi “

( the Palace of the daughter of Judah ) where they stayed for some time until Jeremiah was warned by Almighty God that Nebuchadnezzar was going to attack Egypt and they must leave. Because of the sins of Sabbath breaking and idolatry Israel was going to be punished by Almighty God ,however a  “ remnant “ ,

was prophesied to survive to carry on the never ending line of the throne of David ! Jeremiah prophesied that those who had gone down into Egypt would be destroyed by the sword and famine but he also said,

“ for none shall return BUT such as shall escape “ . Jeremiah 1 :10.

The  “ such as shall escape “ would be Jeremiah and his party of the three daughters, his scribe Baruch and the Ethiopian Ebed-melec.

Jeremiah was given a commission in relation to all this .

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