chapter 72


Isaiah 37:31 says ; “ and the remnant that is escaped of the House of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward “.

This  “ remnant “, Tea Tephi ,being trans “plant”ed, by Jeremiah to Ireland would , “ bear fruit “ or have offspring to carry on the throne of David ,

that nations and kingdoms would come from. Ezekiel 17:22 says;

“ thus saith the LORD Almighty God, I will also take of the highest of the high cedar and will SET IT . I will crop off from the top of his YOUNG Twigs a TENDER ONE and will PLANT it upon a high mountain and eminent “.

It is interesting to note, Tea Tephi, in Hebrew means  “ tender twig “ .

Her name and the scripture .

So Almighty God is saying in this scripture that He will take a  “young “ ,“ tender “,

“ twig “ from the  “ highest branch “ or , a young virgin princess of the highest royal bloodline and “ plant “ it, just as Jeremiah’s Commission said it would, to build a new kingdom and will be “ eminent  “or exalted in rank , fulfilling the prophecies of ; Jeremiah 33 17 , “ David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of Israel “ and 1 Kings 9 5 , “ I will establish thy throne FOREVER “ and Psalm 89 3 , “ thy SEED will I establish FOREVER “ .

This Royal fruit would come about through the marriage, on June 21st 583 BC, to Eochaidh mac Duach, an Irish prince belonging to Tuatha de Danaan, which is Irish for Tribe of Dan.

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