chapter 74


Genesis 49 16 states; “ Dan will provide justice for his people as one of the tribes of Israel “. The justice that would be done would be the fulfillment of the carrying on of the Royal Davidic line of Israel !

So the princess from Israel , Tea Tephi and a member of Israel’s ,tribe of Dan , Eochaidh mac Duach , fulfilled the prophetic promise to David and had four children at Teltown, but reigned as the royal couple from Royal Tara, and are buried in an undisturbed secret tomb called, Mergech.

Tea Tephi’s first born son, called Aedh, died while still a teenager and was buried in the eastern side of the Mound of The Hostages at Tara.

Jeremiah was known in Ireland by the title, Ollamh Fodhla, which means nurturer, revealer /restorer. In other words a revealer of the truth, a Prophet, a RESTORER of the never ending Throne of David and the law, as he was, all of these!

In fact the hill on which his burial mound stands is named the ,

Hill of the Nurturer. In Schiabhla-Cailliche, near Oldcastle County ,Meath, Ireland. Inside the tomb on one of the burial stones, it gives the date of his death as being, the 21st of September 581 BC . This is just two years after the marriage of Tea Tephi .Almighty God kept the old patriarch, Jeremiah alive just long enough so he could see his commission fulfilled !

A few more general facts ;on Ireland’s coat of arms they have the harp of King David, they call Jacob’s stone, Lia Fail, which means Stone of Destiny, and no country in the world has as many Jerry’s in it, named after Jeremiah.

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