chapter 76


Genesis 12:2 says and I will make you into a great nation and I will bless thee, and make THY NAME GREAT and thou shalt be a blessing “.

This scripture actually says Great Britain’s NAME will be  “ great “ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND will be a blessing to others. Surely by creating the King James Bible and spreading it throughout the world as she colonized classifies as being a blessing!

The name “Great” and a “blessing to others” ,it doesn’t get any more ACCURATLY DESCRIPTIVE than that !

Here again , Almighty God Uses the meaning of a name to confirm his purpose as ,

the name Ephraim , means in Hebrew , fruitful !

How much more fruitful can you get than translating and assembling the most accurate version of Almighty God’s Word and then spreading it throughout the world as you a mass the largest company of nations in the world and then the greatest nation in the world the United States comes from you !

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