chapter 81


As mentioned earlier Isaiah 49:25 speaks of the separation of the 13 colonies from Britain and the birth of the United States.
In Genesis 48 :5 when Israel( Jacob) was passing down the blessings to Jacob’s sons ,Ephraim and Manasseh, he adopted them as his own sons placing them on par with the other tribes , meaning Joseph was now represented by two tribes, actually making Manasseh the thirteenth tribe.

As we all know there were; 13 original colonies, there are 13 stars and stripes on the original Old Glory flag,( glory is Usually something reserved for Almighty God), 13 letters form the motto pluribus Unum ,13 leaves on the olive branch in the left Talon of the eagle, 13 olives are in the left talon of the eagle on the U.S. seal , and there are 13 arrows in his right talon on the shield.

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