chapter 83


So is it any wonder that the greatest, fastest rising ,most influential, richest nation the world has ever seen, were to spring from this nation of covenant men ,Great Britain , Defender Of The Faith, producer and spreader of the King James Bible. Is anyone catching the meaning of this, that Almighty God meant these things to happen ? If any of you still have your doubts let me bring up the subject of the first settlers from England. They had this same Almighty Godly mindset, who founded the first settlement at Jamestown Virginia.

Even after a four-month journey and rough seas and storms ,Reverend Hunt insisted that the ship cast anchor in the bay and for 3 days had the group pray and have deep reflection, and repentance before coming to the new land .

He wanted their condition to be clean ,coming to this new ,virgin land (which is why they named it Virginia) .

Finally on April 29th 1607 ,they landed on Virginia Beach , as it came to be known .They planted a 7 foot cross in the sand and knelt and prayed, quoting scripture that says, “ every plantation that the Lord hasn’t planted shall be rooted up “ . After praying they proclaimed ,

We dedicate this new land for the purposes of Almighty God and from these very

shores, the gospel to go out to the world “ . More ministries go out to the world from America than any other nation .

Is it any wonder that the greatest, fastest rising nation , was dedicated to Almighty God for the purposes of spreading the Gospel should have come from Great Britain , a nation of Covenant Men , who created and spread worldwide ,

The King James Bible !

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