chapter 87


We are a nation of disobedient, hypocritical , ungrateful , spoiled , superficial arrogant , blind , unholy people, for the most part.

We don’t acknowledge Almighty God or thank Almighty God. Most only seek Almighty God when they need something or are in trouble , failing to realize they would probably not so urgently , desperately require His help , if they had been in contact with Him in the first place !

We take our way of life for granted like we deserve it, when in fact it was GIVEN to us by Almighty God. People like Lincoln and the founding fathers obviously knew this.

The arrogant , IGNORANTLY EDUCATED , people of today , and even our leadership , actually think they know better than our founding fathers and people like Abraham Lincoln !

Is it any wonder we are headed where we are headed with thinking like this ? ? ? ? ? ?

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