chapter 88


As I mentioned earlier there are two sides to every coin ,for everything ,there is a ying for every yang ,there is balance in everything, and thank Almighty God the balance of power tipped to the side of three good Christian forces of the world , mainly Britain, United States and Australia during WW II , to defeat that unholy alliance of Hitler and Mussolini ,or where would we be today ? Unfortunately, the United States has not won any military endeavor since then.
This is for the most part directly due to our spiritual and moral deterioration as a nation, which I will cover more of later ,

but to help illustrate this and to transition into our next section on the weather, here are a couple of things I’ve observed on TV .
While often watching war documentaries on WW II ON Channel 11,

I noticed the frequency of which soldiers would pray and was struck by one time Winston Churchill was on one of our warships and the Navy band was playing him a hymn although it be a Battle Hymn, I don’t recall the name of, but the waves of the sea were un- commonly rough and the ship was being tossed to and fro, waves of water washing over the deck , causing some of the men to be moved about on their chairs , in danger of being washed overboard and having a hard time keeping their balance with their instruments , but they refused to stop. They continued playing this hymn, and when they showed Winston Churchill’s face , you could tell he was deeply moved, almost to tears, by the conviction and determination the band members showed in continuing playing this hymn, despite the threat of the raging storm washing them and their instruments overboard !

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