chapter 89


Did you ever stop and wonder how a tiny island nation came to rule not only the waves but the world. As they once said the Sun never sets on the British Empire, meaning they had so many widespread colonies and holdings throughout the world that somewhere in the world , the Sun was shining on at least a part of the British Empire . By the late 1700 ‘s London had become the center for finance of the world . 

The meaning of this is , it is no wonder or coincidence that Ephraim , England, defender of the faith , translator and producer of the King James Bible , would be financially blessed beyond all others ! William Tyndale, an early, brilliant studier and translator of the Bible, during the end of the dark ages , was burned at the stake by the Catholic Church , during the Dark Ages . His dying words at the stake were ,

“I pray that King James’s eyes will be opened to the truth of Almighty God “ .

Tyndale’s sacrifice was not in vain, within a year’s time, King James assembled the world’s greatest scholars and translators to translate and assemble the King James Bible ! Subsequently , England took and spread it and Christianity throughout the world as they colonized . This tiny nation that ruled the world did so Because Almighty God preordained it !

How else do you explain it???

In fact the term British , to describe Britain’s people , originated from its Hebrew parts berith or b’rith meaning covenant , which is an agreement with Almighty God and ish , meaning man , so British means , covenant man or agreement with Almighty God man

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