chapter 93


More than half of all tillable ,cultivatable, good climate lands of
this earth came after 1800 into the possession of our two great powers
alone !

The rich agricultural lands of the Mississippi Valley, the vast wheat
and grain fields of the Midwest and of Canada and Australia , the great
forest lands of the Pacific Northwest and Southeast and many other
parts of these countries.

The choicest fruit lands of the Pacific Coast and Florida.

The gold fields of South Africa, Australia ,Alaska and the United States .

The great coal mines of the United States and British Isles .

The natural waterfalls and fresh water to drink.

The largest concentration of freshwater lakes in the world is in Canada and the Midwest .

A perfectly placed system of lakes and rivers to transport raw materials .

The means to produce power to feed prosperous early industrial
booming & manufacturing growth in the Districts of England and the
Eastern United States and Midwest .

Nobody produced more cars than Detroit .

The U.S. once produced almost 73% of the automobiles in the world !

Charles M Schwab ,steel magnate , before the Massachusetts bankers
Association on January 5th 1921 said , “ our United States has been
endowed by Almighty God with everything to make it and keep it the
foremost industrial and commercial nation of the world “ .

World Petroleum output in 1950 was almost 3800 million barrels ,of
this total, the U.S. alone produces 52% and when combined with Britain
they produced over 60% , not including our vast foreign investments.

In 1950 Britain and America produced 75% of the worlds steel ,the United States alone produced almost 60%.

We produced one and a third times as much pig iron as all other nations combined !

We possessed nearly 95 % of the world’s nickel , mainly from Canada .

80 percent of the world’s aluminum .

75% of the zinc.

In 1950 Britain produced almost all of the worlds chromite from South Africa .

Britain and America produces 67% of the world’s rubber .

We dominated the world copper , lead, tin, bauxite and other precious metals output.

The British Commonwealth produced 67% of the world’s gold.

The United States had 3 × as much gold reserve as the total for the rest of the world.! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We produced and utilized 68% of the world’s output of electricity .

Britain and the United States possessed well over 50% of the world’s merchant fleet tonnage.

We possessed 50% of the world’s railroad mileage .

Long before all of this , Britain , “ Ruled the waves “ carrying the
worlds goods and people and expanding her empire , which is why in 1804 ,
London had became the financial hub of the world and , “The sun never
set on her British possessions “ !

The timing of the beginning of the 1800’s , further confirms this prophetic identification as described above in chapter 93 .


These are cold hard facts that prove these are the unparalleled , unequaled
blessings promised Joseph’s sons , firstborn Ephraim and his brother
Manasseh, Britain and America

It should be noted that all of these statistics were taken from
sometime in the 1950’s , when we were still both fairly moral nations
and when America and Britain peaked .

America won it’s last military endeavor in Korea, 1953 !
The 60’s drug explosion , decade of the hippies followed , bringing
moral and social decline and it was a steady downhill slide from there .

This is precisely when these statistics began to drop ! THIS IS THE SIN/CURSE CONNECTION !

Is it coincidence that 6 is Satan’s number and this decline began in the 60’s ?

Unlike any of the other , crystal clear facts in this site , this is
possibly debatable, but the timing and stats do support this ! The
eighties was known as the “ Decade of Decadence “ . Symptoms of that
were ; widespread cocaine use throughout society , anything went in
business and the financial sector , banks were deregulated allowing
greed to make bankers make loans to people who could not afford them
just to make their commission off the top , which sowed the seeds of the
housing bubble that burst and caused a recession .

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