chapter 98


Egypt Used to be the cornerstone of the Middle East peace process , a strong reliable ally , the stability of the Middle East , prosperous and peaceful .

Now Because we have facilitated the removal of Hosni Mubarak, the radical elements, most notably the Muslim Brotherhood, are taking over and the whole balance of power in the Middle East is forever changed for the worse.

Several years ago , when Hosni Mubarak was in charge of Egypt, he was in the process of warning President Obama about the Muslim Brotherhood and that the U.S. had to , “ cut the head off the snake “ , of Iran as the main terrorist threats.  On both points Mubarak was exactly correct.

Unknown to Mubarak, Obama was in the middle of talks WITH leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House ! Shortly thereafter the Obama administrations hastened and encouraged the removal of Hosni Mubarak from leadership in Egypt ! Now, among other influences the Muslim Brotherhood is largely responsible for Egypt turning toward the radical side when previously it had been the cornerstone and linchpin of the Middle East peace process, being the only Arab nation to be a peaceful, stable, reliable friend and ally with the U.S. and Israel !    Mubarak, through his heavy handedness, actually kept the radical elements at bay.

Facts are Hosni Mubarak had been in charge of Egypt for 30 years , with no Arab attacks on Israel until a riot started, by several cars that were stolen from the U.S. Embassy ,that was on lock down, began mowing over groups of people that were participating in a demonstration .

This led to the uprising that resulted in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

You are probably asking, how could vehicles be stolen from a US embassy that is on lock down ?  I’ll come back to that in a moment. Another strange thing is , why the Obama administration would make no attempt to keep Mubarak in power ,after his peaceful leadership of Egypt and as a steadfast ally for peace and safety toward Israel, for 30 years ? In fact, he told the military to step aside to allow Ushering in of the Muslim Brotherhood !

At the trial to depose Mubarak, former Minister for Public Security, Adly Fayed, testified under oath , that four vehicles were stolen from the U.S. Embassy on lock down . Interior Minister of Internal affairs, Habib el Adley, testified under oath that the uprising ,

“ was a conspiracy orchestrated by the Obama administration to remove Mubarak and allow the Muslim Brotherhood in “ ! He also stated;  “ revolutions have specific definitions and those definitions are not aligned with what happened on the 25th of January “ .

Facebook was Used to COORINDINATE and stimulate unrest , as this came to be termed , the “ Facebook Revolution “ . When government officials realized this was taking place , they suspended internet service . The next day minister for internal affairs Habib el Adly received a call from US ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, telling him to restore internet service .

Another thing strange , if the Egyptian government officials had determined Facebook was coordinating and stimulating the unrest , why would the U.S. government want internet service restored ?

As proof of Facebook’s key role in this, when co conspirator Google employee , Wael Ghoneim tried to take the stage , at Tahrir Square , he was pushed aside so Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader , Yusuf al Qardawy , could take the stage for a victory speech !

Lindsay Graham and John McCain came as diplomatic lobbyists for release of Muslim Brotherhood leaders !

A short time later these leaders orchestrated the attacks in Benghazi !   Furthermore , Deputy Secretary, Bill Burns also came to secure the release of Muslim Brotherhood leader , Khairat al Shater ,in a secret 90 minute meeting .  I know this is an extremely sick pun considering what I have just revealed about the U.S. involvement, with not only the overthrow of the leader of a stable ally in Egypt , but with evidence of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood ,but I must “ Shater “ your illusions FURTHER !

Here is some more some more shocking , supporting evidence of Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood !

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