chapter 99


Despite Interpol issuing arrest warrants for several high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a August 2013 , a “ We the People “ petition to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group , that got 214,000 signatures , more than twice the 100,000 signature threshold required to trigger a response, it was ignored for over a year until the White House responded !   Among other ludicrous lying statements the response said ;
“ there is a lack of credible evidence that Muslim Brotherhood has renounced its decades-long commitment to non-violence” ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Are they really serious ? Why has Interpol issued warrants for it’s members ?

For decades they have clearly supported terrorist attacks against Israel by inciting and supporting these attacks ! Article 2 of the Hamas charter clearly identifies the Muslim Brotherhood as ; “one of the WINGS of the Muslim brothers in Palestine “ .

As the war between Israel and Gaza raged in August 2014 , a statement appeared on the Brotherhoods website praising , “ the valiant resistance

factions ( Palestinians) gave them( Israelis) a lesson in heroism faith and courage. They DECIMATED their soldiers and their officers…. VIOLENT OPPOSITION

is the natural position which must be adopted with the heroes of Palestine who have proven that the defeat of the Zionists as possible which is closer when the will of the people is united with Almighty God’s will . “

In 2001 when the Texas based , Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was found to be funneling money to , longstanding terrorist group Hamas , controlled groups in the West Bank and Gaza , it was labeled a Specially Designated Global Terrorist !
Internal records seized by the FBI revealed that the Holy Land Foundation operated under the umbrella of a group called , the Palestine Committee which was created BY the Muslim Brotherhood and TASKED WITH SUPPORTING HAMAS, politically and financially ! ! !

Just how is THAT “ not substantial credible evidence “ ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Fast forward to December of 2014 ; members of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood branch were arrested for trying to smuggle weapons into the West Bank to facilitate terror attacks !

Yusuf al Qardawy , considered the Brotherhood’s most influential cleric , urged Muslims to wage , “ the greatest battle of liberation against Israel “ and prayed for the chance to “ go to the land of jihad and resistance “ and “shoot Allah’s enemies , the Jews before he dies “ !

Last but not least, after the Obama administration’s orchestrated removal of Hosni Mubarak paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood official, Mohamed Morsi , to take over Egypt for about a year, until he was forced from office in July 2013 , after massive street protests against his rule !

The people of Egypt did not even want the leader, the Obama Administration helped to install !

In response to this the Brotherhood’s political party posted a memo on Facebook , inciting followers to take out their frustrations , by burning Coptic churches .   Just before Morsi’s ouster , the White House welcomed a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood officials , even helping clear their path to avoid standard airport inspections , as they landed in the U.S. ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The timing of this visit suggests perhaps the Brotherhood was seeking Obama’s SUPPORT of Morsi to prevent his ouster ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

In June of 2011 , Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , said , “ the U.S. plans to expand dialogue with the Brotherhood as part of a commitment to engage all parties that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence “ ! WHAAAAAAT ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What , is the WHOLE White House in support of the Muslim Brotherhood ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

This is the woman we considered, years later, as President !

Or maybe just Obama, because he IS a Muslim from Indonesia named Barry Soetoro, who never swore into office on  a Bible ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (Plenty of YouTube documentation of these things)……………………… 

WAKE UP AMERICA ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Undeniable , unmistakable , but most people don’t know of it or most of what is in this sight because they are blinded by the deception of the devil ! ! ! ! ! ! !  Or if you are aware, don’t you ever wonder how the president can get away with all these ways he is tearing down other nations and our nation ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Since Egypt WAS the cornerstone of the, Mideast Peace Fiasco ,the entire precarious balance of the Mideast has deteriorated , due to America facilitating the removal of Hosni Mubarak !

Egypt’s 35 year peace accord with Israel is threatened by political instability.

Turkey is turning radically Islamic.

The peace treaty with Jordan, that secures Israel’s eastern border, now appears shaky.

These events coupled with having been surrounded by hostile Arab peoples , perverting their religion to justify violence and terrorism , toward the goal of eliminating the Jewish people from the face of the earth, make it absolutely the worst possible time for America to be pulling back and abandoning Israel, yet that’s exactly what we’re doing .

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