chapter 71


Jeremiah 1:10 it states;  “ see I have set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms( Israel )to root out ,and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant “ .  “ I set thee over nations and kingdoms “ , means you are the Guardian of these two daughters of the Royal Davidic bloodline throne that “ nations ”and “
kingdoms “ of the descendants of Israel will come from, all the way till Christ assumes that throne !

This is called the  “ Key of David “ in the New Testament book of Revelation 3:7 & 8 for it is the key to Almighty God’s people, the throne of Christ , and it is the key to understanding all Bible prophecy. This was such an important commission that Almighty God said he chose Jeremiah from the womb , only two others are in this group , John the Baptist and Christ himself !

To “ root out “ refers to the removal of Sabbath breaking and idolatry . “ To pull down and destroy  “ means to overthrow the throne of David in Judah Because they were no longer worthy to have it , Because of this idolatry and Sabbath breaking . “ To build and to plant “ means to transplant or move the Throne elsewhere. Tea Tephi was the only king’s daughter to make it out of Egypt Because her 2 sisters loved fornicating with the Egyptians more than they loved Almighty God , so they were killed there and buried there .

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