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  • Hello my name is Edwina, I came across your website on accident doing a religious search I find it very interesting. I also must admit the site itself seems to be very appealing and intriguing all at the same time. Only read through part of it will continue to read through it all to understand and will add more Post in the future thank you

    • Thank you for your positive feedback but all praise and glory to my Heavenly Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit’s Spirit of Truth, that called me, enabled me and did “guide me in all truth”(John 16:13) to create this website. I look forward to any future correspondence you may have. Thanks again !

    • Edwina, Thank you for your support some time ago. I was wondering if you had any further thoughts on ?

  • Many questions I have for you my friend. I’ll just shoot…

    First, do you believe the KJV is corrupted by Rome?

    Second, having the knowledge and understanding that you do regarding the Catholic church, why do you still follow their theology of a trinity?

    Third, Is calling our savior Jesus really dishonoring? Don’t people cast out demons in this name, and perform miracles in this name? This is the name that was given in the scriptures for our Lord. Supposedly meaning Jehovah savior. Or salvation.

    I appreciate what you are doing and I would appreciate if you gave me your honest answers because I just want to know the truth. God bless you.

    • Thank you so much for your interest in the Smashing Strongholds Ministry of Truth.
      Rome’s influence and it’s Church, Satan’s(Father of lies(“whore that sits upon many waters”(Revelation 17) has created corruption( distortion, lies) and has influenced and ruled the world through them, greatly. The King James Version is the most accurate Bible we have and the majority of its errors are simply translation errors, which probably as you say were influenced by Rome, with the exception of the cross and crucifix which was definitely started by Rome, and borrowed from Babylon. Ezekiel 8 8:13 through 16 references weeping for Tammuz, where making the sign of the cross on your chest as Catholics do originated as well as Queen of Heaven cakes with a ” t ” on them does. Babylon is Satan’s kingdom that the Roman Empire has modeled itself after and Tammuz is the Babylonian false savior/ fertility God. Sun and fertility worship go hand-in-hand, that is why the next verse after speaking of Tammuz is about Sun worship,( Ezekiel 8:16)
      As far as the Trinity I do not follow that as being called the trinity.
      However are three distinct parts to Almighty God, 2 percentages and 1 thing.
      Christ always referenced the Father, even saying the “Father is greater than I”, and saying when he ascended to the father that he would send down the comforter meaning the Holy Spirit since the apostles no longer had Christ to comfort them from the persecution of the world. So there is an Almighty God the Father, Yahuwah, there is His holy perfect sinless Son, Yahushua, and there is the power of Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, not a person, the Holy Ghost, as is an incorrect translation.
      All of this is all covered in great detail at the end of the site in the doctrines of demons section as well as the true names of the Father and the Son.
      As far as the name Jesus is concerned there was no J in the Hebrew alphabet in fact there was no J in any alphabet until 400 years ago. Joshua in the original text is Yehoshua( 1st Chronicles 7:27).
      The section on Yahuwah being the true name of our Heavenly Father, among many other things lists many names in the Bible ending with the “yah” sound, acknowledging and glorifying Him in there very name. To name a few Joshua Nehemiah Jeremiah Obadiah, Zephaniah Zechariah, Abijah, Adonijah, Ahijah, all ending with the “jah” sound the last three actually spelled jah at the end.
      Many scriptures point to the fact that the Son of God, Christ Yahushua would obviously do the same. In fact Yahushua means there is salvation in Yah.
      7 is Almighty God’s number signifying Holiness and completion and is His signature over all creation; seven oceans Seven Seas seven days of the week seven layers to our atmosphere seven layers to the Earth seven colors in a rainbow 7, as a symbol he would never destroy the Earth by water again, 7 notes in a complete musical scale, and on and on and on.
      and of course the Seventh-Day Sabbath.
      So naturally His Name would have seven letters. 8 is the number of new beginnings as they were eight people on Noah’s Ark, His son being the beginning of all new things, the beginning of New Life, the beginning of the New Testament Church, many things before and after this leading to the return of Christ and the beginning of God’s Kingdom on Earth.
      I believe Jesus, gee sus, means hail Zeus, the chief God of Greek mythology.
      Satan is all about lies distortions and outright replacing of anything of God. I believe in this case he substituted a name of the son of God 4 A salutation to the chief Pagan God of Greek mythology.
      As far as casting out demons in the name of Jesus, if that is actually done it is probably due to the fact that people have such strong faith in that is His name that in enables miracles to be done, because Christ often said when people came up to him for healing and deliverance, you are healed because of your faith.
      Just ask there are many gods as Satan is the God of this world, I believe when addressing our heavenly father who is righteous perfect and holy we should address him in a perfect specific holy manner specifying the god of creation father God and call him by his true holy perfect Hebrew name, Yahuwah or His Son Yahushua.
      The father admonishes us to not even speak the names of these other guys out of our mouths and there is another scripture that says my name is blasphemed all the time and yet another scripture that says in the future they shall no longer call me by these profane names but you’ll know my true name.
      All these facts and scriptures are in the section on the true name of the Father and the other chapter the true name of the Son.
      I don’t claim to know everything and I believe in my heart this is what the holy spirit Spirit of Truth has guided me to in all of these things. Scripture tells us to work out our own salvation of course asking for the father’s Insight through the Holy Spirit and scripture also tells us be a Berean and search the Scriptures Daily to see if these things are so. The true prescribed method of Bible study is, “line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little…” meaning to get the true meaning of the father’s word all of the pieces of the puzzle are not found in one place very often. By doing this we get the whole picture leaving out the chance for not rightly dividing anyone scripture the Bible was written with built-in confirmation of itself that’s why the gospels tell the same story through different people at different times and with slightly different wording.
      I hope this was a blessing to you Max. I look forward to any other comments or thoughts or questions you may have.
      Your brother in Christ, Yahushua, Rick

      • Could the Bible be wrong about the name of our savior though? There is power in His name, would God allow it to be hidden from the church? Would God leave us with a corrupted text at best? It’s hard for me to comprehend. I’ve been jumping around a bit in my understanding and I hope you can pray for me that the Lord would strengthen my faith and lead me and guide me in all truth, because I just want to know the truth and know the God I serve.

        You’re familiar with the scripture, “I will send you another comforter.” Do you also recall when He says “I will not leave you comfortless, I will come unto you.”
        The scripture in Isaiah 9:6 says that Yahushua is the everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace.
        It also says in the scripture that Mary begat the Son by the Hoy Ghost in the books of Luke and Matthew.
        Could it be that this is just one God, no distinction between spirits, persons, etc. But that He manifested himself in the flesh, and fills us with Himself to direct us and comfort us? I believe viewing God as anything other than just “one” (Deut 6:4) is pagan, and descends from Rome.

        Regarding baptism, the only accounts of people being baptized in the scrips are in the book of Acts, and every time they were baptized in ‘Jesus’ name. This signifies that it is the only name to be baptized in. And I believe is in compliance with Matthew 28:19. Baptism in Jesus name is for the remission of sins according to Acts 2:38. So if the english church does not have His true name, how can we be saved? Do we need to learn Hebrew and study extrabiblical things to gain salvation or would it just be alone in the word of God?

        I apologize if I’m overloading you with questions. I don’t want to trust my own feelings and reasoning. I appreciate your understanding and desire to study, but how much of your knowledge is extrabiblical? As I stated, I just want the truth. And some things just don’t add up. But I can see how Satan has decieved billions. And has a proven tract record of being a supplanter and defiler of things that are holy, being that it’s his “job.”

        I appreciate the other things regarding God’s signature in nature, that’s good stuff.

        • Dear Max I apologize for the late response but life and work have been extremely hectic.
          In answer to your first question the King James Bible is our most accurate version of our Heavenly Father’s Word, but to use corrupted is a strong term. I would say there are some inaccuracies due to translation errors from the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. As the prophets and apostles were directly lead by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God, translators probably were not, and being men, they are susceptible to error, and/or influence by Satan’s confusion or deception. Rome’s Church being Satan’s great counterfeit religion, undoubtedly probably played a part in this.
          Second question I do not follow the Catholic Tirinity Doctrine. No where in scripture is the Trinity mentioned !
          If you carefully examine the text in the end chapter Doctrines of Demons, subsection The Trinity, you will find that unlike the Catholic church that says there are three distinct persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, scripture tells us that yes there is the Father, there is the Son, as two distinct personages, and there is the Power of God which is the Holy Spirit. This is an example of a translation error, it should not have said ghost but spirit. Scriptures speak of the spirit as water, which flows unlike a person or entity. Scripture also likens the Spirit and symbolizes it as a dove
          If the Holy Spirit were a ghost or person it would not need to be symbolized by a physical thing like a dove, but because it is an invisible thing, the power of Almighty God, it needed a physical symbol over Christ when he was baptized, being manifested as a dove.
          On your next question about the name of Jesus.
          First I have never actually witnessed a demon being cast out in Jesus name, this is not to say that it has not occurred. As Christ often stated you are healed because of your faith I believe people’s faith that this is his name is enough for God to give license for some miracle to occur by invoking this name. Our Heavenly Father and His Son are perfect and holy so I believe we should address Him in His perfect holy name, as it originally was .
          There was no J in any alphabet until 400 years ago and there never was one in the Hebrew alphabet. Christ was a Hebrew and his name was spoken in Hebrew.
          Where a J was used, it was originally a Y.
          Yahuwah and Yahushua
          Both start with y.
          In the biblical names Malchijah, Zidkijah, Hodijah, Adonijah, Hizkijah, Hazajah.
          Notice the English rendering has the J for the Y sound where jah is pronounced yah.
          Many more recognized biblical names such as Jeremiah, Isaiah Obadiah, Zachariah, Nehemiah all have the distinct “yah” sound at the end acknowledging the Father.
          Since the Sun came to glorify the father naturally even his name would acknowledge the Father as these other biblical names did, so as you alluded to when you said, “Jehovah savior” Yahushua means in yah there is salvation !
          All this is elaborated on and much more is elaborated on in chapter 32, Satan has corrupted perverted or replaced everything else so I most certainly the true name of the Creator Yahuwah.
          I hope this has shed some light of Truth on your questions.
          Bless you brother as a seeker of the truth for scripture says we are Sanctified or set apart for Holy use by the truth !
          John 17:17 – 19

        • Hello Max I was wondering if you had any thoughts on our previous communications in reference to ? Thanks Rick
          Also on Facebook…

  • Brother you are smart to the max. As it is the last days ive come across this website. Im at this second writing it all down in my journal and i wiill make it a powerpoint to present to people. Before that im going to study as much as i can so i can say most of this off the top of my head. You made this perfect for the ones who are asleep. God bless you I hope you see this. From one messenger to another.

    • So sorry for the very late response. Work challenges being overcome thru Christ, Yahushua !
      Bless you Brother Noah ! As Biblical Noah was used by Almighty God for a New Beginning, may this be a new beginning for you !

    • So sorry for the very late response. Work challenges being overcome thru Christ, Yahushua !
      Bless you Brother Noah ! As Biblical Noah was used by Almighty God for a New Beginning, may this be a new beginning for you !

    • Hello Noah, I was wondering if you had any further thoughts concerning ? Peace, Love and Truth !

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